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Actually, that’s easy to earn something. One orders goods in cheap China and thus makes his garage full and sells the during the year. There are the usual sales and auction apps, street markets and some companies you can also rattle off. It is personally not so important to me where this takes place in Europe. The offer I have made many times to love friends and relatives who were just short of cash but it does not meet as much response as I had hoped. It seems as if the insubstantial intellectual trades with a matter of course the additional income already play. I have cryptocurrencies and can participate at any time in the commodity and foreign exchange markets as a private but also that does not affect the amount of the concept of the dear one. You can explain how you make money. Maybe I missed something basically. Of air and love or what? 🤩It will fill a Euro lottery ticket today, maybe I can put it in the fast lane. 😁